Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Terrible Twos!

Two's? Twos? I googled it and it is printed both ways....

My least favorite age to photograph (with the exception of newborns) is age 2. I have a love hate relationship with it. Two year olds don't really care whether you want them to sit or stand or run or jump ... they don't care if you offer them candy or balloons. Because there is no reasoning with a toddler.

Hallie is no different. In fact it's worse. Because she is mine. I have yet to meet a photographer who said they LOVED shooting their own kids. So in my effort to capture more memories of her life, I have decided to capture those moments that reflect her every day life. She's super cute and all but I don't want her to look back and say "Was I always dressed in Matilda Jane wearing a cute knit hat with a big whopping flower on the side?" (sidenote: My dad is thanking the Lord above right now, I just know it. He hates flowers in hair or any kind of "head dress." Like she is an Indian. But I digress.)

So the other day I thought oh look! Look how cute Hallie is all dressed up in her Tinkerbell costume! (If you ask her, it is "Princess Tinkerbell," not just Tinkerbell. And there is no arguing with her about it. Because, again, there is no reasoning with a toddler.)

So I said, "Hallie! Can mommy take a picture of you in your super cute princess costume?" "NO!" "Please? We can send it to Daddy?!" "No. I no yike pisters." "But mommy thinks you look sooooo pretty!!! Puhleaseeeee .... I will give you an M & M....." "No pister. I want M & M." [insert big huge temper tantrum over an M & M. A yellow one to be exact.]

This was the resulting shot:

So then, of course, I gave her the M & M. Because I am a pushover. And got this snarky shot:

And I wouldn't have it any other way.

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