Thursday, June 23, 2011


Seriously? My oldest is 12? When I was 12 (back in the late 90's of course .... shut up), I was wearing tight Jordache jeans, never left home without my goody comb, went roller skating on Friday nights, was in love with (and was certain I was going to marry) Michael Jackson, called my best friend to plan our outfits to match for the next school day, had my first real boyfriend (I do wonder what Jack is up to these days and wonder if he remembers giving me that brass apple for Christmas that his mom picked out when, really, all I wanted was the Christmas collection of lip smackers, but I digress), learned how to brown nose my teachers (the beginning of the end), took Latin so I could say cum without getting in trouble and see all sorts of, and went through puberty. (Zip it.)

Those of you who know me know my summers are chock full of events. Starts with our anniversary mid June, then Father's Day and then within a 5 week period I have Casey's birthday, HB's birthday, Parker's birthday and Hallie's birthday. Add to that the fact that both boys are playing baseball this summer and Casey is also golfing competitively and you have one crazy, worn out momma.

So, in light of Casey's inch toward puberty, I thought I would revisit some of the years past and walk you down memory lane.

***I know I have some skillz (yo) in photography so I thought I would offer this disclaimer: Some of the photos taken are pictures OF pictures TAKEN WITH my iphone. Just didn't want you to judge me too harshly. I don't know how to scan on my printer.***

***I also know that harshly ends in "ly" and you should never end a sentence in ly.***

This is Casey as a newborn. So happy to hold all 7 lbs, 7 ozs of him ...... sweet little toes and nose and feet..... Ok, Ok ..... lies. All lies. About day 4 of his little life he started screaming and didn't stop for 14 more weeks. About night 2 of that I remember HB saying, "If this is how it's going to be, I'm not doing this." Ummmmmmmm ......... k?

This is Casey at his first birthday party. On his birthday. Running. I'll take your pity right now, thanks.

About age 1 1/2 - 2, we started golfing with Casey. This is Casey at about 3 golfing with HB. I love this picture. We are hoping Casey loves golf forever as much as he did when he was little and still does today.


Casey at about age 5. 5 is the age we decided he was so ready to go to kindergarten because he wanted to ride the bus and who wouldn't use that as a basis for a lifelong decision you might regret? (Note: on the first day of kindergarten Casey stood at the bus stop and when the bus arrived he screamed bloody murder and we drove him to school. Yup.)

****** Here is that little break where we lose about 4 years of sweet Casey's life. I'm not going to lie. I've got the pictures. Somewhere. In a box. Dusty. Or even better, on a teeny tiny SD card. In a drawer. It was back in the day when I was so good at going to Costco and printing all the pictures off my memory cards and putting them chronologically into an album. Then Parker hit 2 years old and it all went downhill. But we can address Parker another day. And it was before my mac and iphoto where I have them all (all 91 GB of them) stored on my lap top. I think.******

So pretend you just saw some really great, super cute pictures of Casey playing baseball, at school parties, hanging with his friends, getting his big teeth and just being cute.

Still with me? OK.

This is Casey at age 9. Age 9 is when we realized he thought he was 13. And started asking for a facebook page. And a cell phone and all sorts of stuff that we thought he was way too young for. Age 9 is also the age we caved - and made him start earning his own money to pay for some of these things. Age 9 is when we realized whoa! parenting is not getting easier, now is it?

This is Casey's 10th birthday ..... he is losing his baby. :o( I remember thinking double digits! Wow! The only digits Casey was worried about were the ones he asked an 18 year old girl for ..... hey, at least he likes girls?!

And then there was last year. 11. Pre-teen. Some of the friends are a little more advanced than the others. But not one of these sweet, immature boys complained about THIS party. Because really - who doesn't love their fried pickles?!

Happy 12th birthday to my sweet Casey. And I'm giving everyone a year warning. When he turns 13 I might need to be revived. I don't want him to grow up! WAH!

Enjoy every minute with your little minions...... and may they all enjoy their birthdays as much as Casey is enjoying his! xoxo