Friday, March 18, 2011

Fairy Tale Ball .....

In first grade at our elementary school we have what is called "The Fairy Tale Ball." Or as I have renamed it "The Reason You Do Not Be Room Mom In First Grade." The outside of the classrooms and hallways are decorated, the inside of the classrooms are decorated - all fancy like - and nothing is left undone.... The kids come dressed as a fairy tale character and parade through the hallways. Parker was a prince .....

(I hope you paid special attention to his boots and shirt.)

THEN, there is the "ball." The ball kind of depends on what your teacher wants and this year we have an awesome teacher so our kids did little plays .....

And danced with their partner.....

(This bottom picture is the little smirk Parker makes when he is shy/embarrassed or being sneaky .... I LOVE it.)

Then they ate a ton of junk food. It was at the point where Parker was slamming pixie sticks that I decided it was time to go and leave my sweet cherub with his teacher. Whom I adore. SO so so very much.

This fairy tale ball made me realize how fast our kids are growing up. Parker asked Paige to go to the ball with him and then danced with her. Parker and Paige took their dancing very seriously and had their box step down to a tee... watch out Dancing with the Stars! When we were walking into the classroom for the ball after the parade, Paige's mom said, "Oh I heard Paige and Parker are dancing together!" to which I replied, "Yes, I have heard from a few kids that Parker has a crush on Paige." To which Paige's mom replied, "How do they even know what that word means?"

*slowly creeps out of the room*

For me, having Casey in middle school, I find it hard to shelter my younger kids from the "bad words" like butt and crush. And, God forbid, fart. Hallie even thinks she has a penis - and I am not kidding. No worries, I corrected her and told her that she does, in fact, NOT have a penis but, rather, has a "private." (Wow, lots of commas in the last sentence and I am 95% sure I didn't need all of them - but I use commas where I pause, not where they are necessary. So there. And I am also using this space to divert your attention from the fact that I can't get myself to teach her the V word and I am not sure why.) I really don't want to rush them to grow up ... Parker won't even give me a hug or kiss at school anymore. :( (Casey, however, still runs up to me hugging me and kisses me goodbye every EVERY time I leave....)

So when I hear moms saying they will not miss having to attend the fairy tale ball (and, yeah, it's hot and smelly and the food is catered to a 7 year old), I think Really? I think I will miss it. A lot. They just grow up so fast. I want to freeze time right now with Parker. I want to remember him snuggling in my bed and laying in HB's spot when he is out of town. (I am OK forgetting how he turns sideways and kicks me in the head) I want to remember his sweet little cheeks and baby teeth and his desire to learn and read and be silly and make new friends and please us. I love his independence but I love it when he needs me even more.

Although - when I asked him once why he doesn't "need" me like Casey does, he said, "It's OK Mom. Casey likes you."


Yup. I will even miss his innocent honesty.

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  1. Awww, I have a soft spot for Parker. Such a cutie! So um, is he gonna let you have your shirt and boots back?