Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tea Party .....

(I am in the process of updating my blog layout so please excuse its ugliness, LOL)

Updating a blog is very time consuming. (Right, Cassie?) Let's be honest here. I have no clue how to do it myself so I have to solicit the help of a friend. Who I will pay to make it pretty. I'm sick of it looking like someone (who has no clue) went to blogger, set up a blog, and chose a fancy layout from the advanced button. Or maybe it wasn't advanced. Anyhow .... I can't wait to make it look pretty. (And professional)

I had promised myself I would blog more - even if not about photography - and I failed at it. I think I got lost in the notion that eating your weight in cakes and cookies was a better option than blogging. Well, here we are 3 weeks before spring break, fatter than ever, and I have decided that if I work out NOW and blog NOW, the weight from the snow week will miraculously fall off. Wish me luck. I need to change my eating/exercise habits OR change the people I vacation with. Hmmmmm ............ I wonder what the cast of "Heavy" is doing this April.....

On similar (or not at all similar) note, I pulled Hallie out of preschool 2 days a week so I could spend more time with her (read: shape the little girl she was becoming) and we have been having so much fun. (SERIOUSLY!) I thought I was a total boy mom until she begged me to play tea party with her. Having two older brothers and not a lot of girly stuff, our tea party materials are few and far between and pretty much consist of rummaging through the paper goods cabinet (leftover birthday and holiday plates and napkins, etc). Here are a couple pics from our tea party this morning. (I had to turn them b/w and crop them for a couple reasons - 1. They looked cuter that way, 2. She is covered in boogies and amoxicillan, 3. She is totally mismatched AND 4. My house is a pit and I thought you would be less likely to notice.)

Here is our fancy setup. Please note our tea parties are actually picnics because we don't have a little table. My friend Abbie had promised me her daughter's little tea party table and has since taken back the offer because she can't bear the thought of parting with it. Her daughter is like 28. (OK, she is 7 but whatever.)

You MUST - and I mean MUST! - wear fancy necklaces to the tea party no matter how you got them. *blush*

This is the sweet face I get to look at while I sip my tea and eat my mac 'n cheese. Yes, she cooked some mac 'n cheese today. What of it?

I'm teaching her young. Even though our tea cup is a green (I swear it's green) solo cup the size of her face, she MUST have her pinky up or we might as well just be at the park for a real picnic and not sharing a spot of tea. Am I right?

And this? is what I really get to look at every day.....

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